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Thu Apr 6 23:34:09 UTC 2017

I have been using _JAVA_OPTIONS to get gradle working for over a year.
I recently ran a build with --permit-illegal-access turned on (and --add-options taken out) and filed/updated bugs for several third-party jar files.
There are problems with ant, xstream, simplestub, javassist, jmockit, jboss classfile, weld, mockit is fixed in 2.x, apache felix, eclipselink.

I updated with more information about my use of a gradle wrapper to do this.

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so today I found finally _JAVA_OPTIONS to get our gradle build running and of course I used --permit-illegal-access and I thought I give some feedback here.

Running a clean test on our build will result in 44531 warning messages. 
Of which 6394 are unique. of course some of those warnings are actually from gradle and some are from xstream, but that makes maybe 21 less.

Why do we have such a huge amount of warnings? That is because of the way we are building our meta classes, which we still have to change and use JDK9 special code (something we tried to avoid)

bye Jochen

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