RFR: 8177845: Need a mechanism to load Graal

Mandy Chung mandy.chung at oracle.com
Wed Apr 19 00:02:43 UTC 2017

> On Apr 18, 2017, at 3:13 PM, Doug Simon <doug.simon at oracle.com> wrote:
> Please review these changes that make jdk.internal.vm.compiler an upgradable compiler.
> :
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~dnsimon/8177845/

Thanks for making this change.  This would simplify the way to replace JDK’s graal with the lab graal.  A couple of comments:


 161      * Note that the saved system properties do not include
 162      * the ones set by sun.misc.Version.init().

sun.misc.Version is no longer present in JDK 9.  Renamed to java.lang.VersionProps

  67             Class.forName("jdk.vm.ci.runtime.JVMCI”);

JVMCI class is local in jdk.internal.vm.ci module.  An alternative may be
to provide a static initialize method rather than Class::forName.

 211         for (HotSpotJVMCIBackendFactory factory : ServiceLoader.load(HotSpotJVMCIBackendFactory.class)) {

This uses the thread context class loader to load providers.  Services::load uses 
the system class loader to load providers.  I suspect you want this to use the 
system class loader here too.

  78         for (JVMCIServiceLocator access : ServiceLoader.load(JVMCIServiceLocator.class)) {

Same comment as above. I think you want to use system class loader to load providers.


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