Changing the default file system provider is broken :(

forax at forax at
Sat Apr 22 20:06:41 UTC 2017


> Or this might work too:

yes, it's better 

> A variant of this might be for FileSystems.getDefault() to start returning the
> custom default filesystem as soon as initLevel reaches 2 (after module system
> is initialized). This might allow custom default file system to be effective
> even before the VM is fully booted (for custom security manager or system class
> loader or java agent to already take advantage of it). But that probably would
> mean that the custom default filesystem loading logic would have to be modified
> in order to cope with system class loader not being setup already - it could
> use the builtin app class loader for locating and loading the classes...

> Do you happen to have a custom default filesystem to try this with?
sure, a dummy one that delegates everything to the builtin 

> Regards, Peter

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