Changing the default file system provider is broken :(

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Sat Apr 22 20:37:50 UTC 2017

On 22/04/2017 20:47, Peter Levart wrote:

> :
> Or this might work too:
Only partly as there is also the issue of resolving paths associated 
with one provider against a path associated with another.

> A variant of this might be for FileSystems.getDefault() to start 
> returning the custom default filesystem as soon as initLevel reaches 2 
> (after module system is initialized). This might allow custom default 
> file system to be effective even before the VM is fully booted (for 
> custom security manager or system class loader or java agent to 
> already take advantage of it).
When running with a custom file system provider then it's important that 
objects associated with the built-in provider don't leak to user code. 
So yes, getDefault() should return the custom file system after the 
module system is initialized so that custom system class loaders, custom 
security manager, and agents get objects associated with the custom 


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