Java Platform Module System

Stephan Herrmann stephan.herrmann at
Mon May 1 20:48:07 UTC 2017

On 01.05.2017 22:17, Alex Buckley wrote:
>>>> - Another reference links "automatic modules" into JLS and will probably
>>>>    link to ModuleFinder.of(Path...), right?
>>> This text is also an informative note. Automatic modules are
>>> discovered through ModuleFinder.of, sure, and they appear in other
>>> places in the java.lang.module API too -- but none of that is the
>>> point of the note. The point of the note is that the developer
>>> doesn't specify 'requires' any differently for an automatic module
>>> than for an explicit module.
>> You make it sound as if automatic modules are relevant only at runtime.
> Huh? The JPMS is assumed to be present at compile time, not just run time. And automatic modules are a feature of the JPMS.
> Alex

Wait, are you expecting compilers to actually use the implementation behind
ModuleFinder etc. in order to discover modules etc.?

When you said
   "The host system must use the Java Platform Module System (as if by
    execution of the 'resolve' method of java.lang.module.Configuration)"
I read this as requesting a compiler to perform the same operation as is
specified in that API.

Was the intention behind "must use the Java Platform Module System"
to say s.t. like "must call methods of API in java.lang.module"?


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