Accessing module internals from bytecode rewriting agent

Andrew Dinn adinn at
Tue May 2 09:40:29 UTC 2017

On 25/04/17 09:19, Andrew Dinn wrote:
> This discussion really ought to be happening on the Byteman forum but
> anyway ...
> Yes, Alan is right that this is exactly what is going on. Byteman on
> jdk9 (the 4.0.0-BETA release series) now uses method handles in place of
> reflection. Unfortunately, it is limited by a slightly arbitrary
> restriction on the use of method handles in java.* and sun.* packages (a
> blunt instrument to provide some security guarantees).
> This is being addressed on two fronts. I am in the process of adding
> unit tests to complete a workaround which remedies this problem by
> falling back to reflection in the specific cases where the restriction
> applies (yes, that means there is probably going to be another
> 4.0.0-BETA release before jdk9 goes live %-/ ).

Just wanted to post a heads-up that this fall-back behaviour has now
been implemented in Byteman release 4.0.0-BETA5.


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