Views on JSR 376 from the Eclipse JDT team

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Sat May 6 21:38:26 UTC 2017

2017/5/6 13:51:32 -0700, stephan.herrmann at
> Mark,
> I am honestly glad that my role in all this is not at a management level,
> but at the technical level, so I humbly refrain from answering your questions.


> Still, I feel qualified and obliged to add my share of transparency to
> the discussion. If a spec is insufficient, I will call it insufficient.

I would expect nothing less!

> Alex knows that I'm doing so in deep appreciation of JLS. In many
> discussions about differences between javac and ecj I defended the view
> that "right" or "wrong" is not defined by any implementation, but only
> by JLS.

I completely agree.

>         I keep making a point that implementing ecj based on the
> specification and nothing but the specification is the ultimate quality
> assurance that could be applied to JLS.

Your team's work on ecj over the years has definitely helped to improve
the JLS.  I really appreciate that, and I hope that the rest of the
community does too.

- Mark

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