private and non-final fields in Java 9 interfaces

Alex Buckley alex.buckley at
Thu May 11 22:50:22 UTC 2017

compiler-dev is the right list to query javac's behavior.

Support for private methods in interfaces came via JEP 213, and it 
sounds like you're saying private fields are allowed accidentally. 
Please give example source code when you write to compiler-dev.


On 5/11/2017 3:45 PM, Ess Kay wrote:
> (This is not a jigsaw specific specific question but I could not find
> a more appropriate mailing list. The COIN list is archived.  If there
> is a a more appropriate mailing list then please let me know.)
> The Java 9 compiler currently allows
> 1) private static and instance fields and
> 2) non-final static and instance fields.
> Is this a bug?  If not then are these changes specified or mentioned anywhere?

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