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Eric Johnson eric at tibco.com
Wed May 17 17:26:22 UTC 2017

On Wed, May 17, 2017 at 1:08 AM, Andrew Dinn <adinn at redhat.com> wrote:

> On 16/05/17 19:11, Gregg Wonderly wrote:
>  <ad cohortem hominum snipped (pardon my French)>
> > If we really cannot actually keep from breaking 90% of existing Java
> > in the market place when this new JDK release goes out, how valuable
> > is JigSaw really?
> citation needed?

I mostly ignore jigsaw, and check in every now and then.

I have a few co-workers that have poked at migrating their products to Java
9. So far as I know, nobody has succeeded yet.

With significant regularity, I see issues pop up on this list that have odd
problems, or persist in being unresolved. One of my favorites at the moment
is automatic module names - a problem that Jigsaw caused for itself. Maybe
that one is resolved for now, but I'm pretty certain that questions will
come flooding back once Java 9 GAs.

As near as I can tell, applications that compile and run under Java 8 will
mostly *not* "just work" with Java 9 JRE. And that seems to be the lived
experience of my co-workers. If a project is lucky, the only changes
necessary will involve command line parameters. If a team is unlucky, they
will need to rebuild for Java 9. If a team is really unlucky, they will
need to partially or fully modularize. At which point some even more
juggling is required to continue to support Java 7 & 8, if that's required
by customers.

My overall concerns for Jigsaw:

I'm not sure what citations you expect to see. There's probably nobody out
there who can afford to pre-flight an EA build of Java 9 against all their
products to see what the actual costs are going to be. Based on anecdotal
evidence from this mailing list, significant players in the Java ecosystem
- build tools, IDEs, critical libraries - have all had to fix unexpected
breakages with Java 9. Obviously, the ones that don't break don't typically
show up, so this is a self-selecting example, but an important one.

However, even something as simple as requiring changes to command line
parameters in order to launch a program compiled for Java 8 is a breaking
change. The Jigsaw team seems to be taking this as a mere complaint, rather
than as a genuine compatibility issue.

Here's a challenge back to the Jigsaw team. Can I still do java -jar ...
every existing Java application (without recompile!) that currently
launches that way? I'm even willing to cut some slack and ignore
applications that use com.sun APIs that have been "private" for years. Will
that still work? The Jigsaw community should be able to provide evidence
that's still possible, not that we should be required to provide evidence
that it isn't.


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