How to load resources from base module

wzberger javadevlist at
Thu May 18 07:16:28 UTC 2017

Here is a simple example which demonstrates the issue - still something 

//------------ MODULE A
module com.a {
   exports com.a;

package com.a;

public class ClassA{
   public ClassA() {

     //fail - null

//------------ MODULE B
module com.b {
   requires com.a;
   exports com.b;
   opens com.b.resources to com.a;

package com.b;

import com.a.ClassA;

public class ClassB extends ClassA{
   public ClassB(){

//------------ MODULE C
module com.c {
   requires com.a;
   requires com.b;

package com.c;

import com.b.ClassB;

public class ModuleTest{
   public static void main(String[] args){
     new ClassB();


> On 17/05/2017 18:22, wzberger wrote:
>> The resources are mainly images and XML files, located in separate 
>> packages. By adding the opens clause it works fine for Class B 
>> (called from module a) - however, it does not work for Class A 
>> (returns null). I wonder if this is the intended behavior?
> I'm not aware of any bugs in this area. Can you expand a bit more on 
> "returns null" case. If the packages are open as you say then code in 
> both `a` and `b` should be able to locate the resources in `b`.
> -Alan

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