Add-Reads and Add-Modules manifest attributes?

Andrew Guibert aguibert at
Thu May 18 13:40:52 UTC 2017

I was happy to see that a resolution was reached for #AddExportsInManifest,
but why did this stop at Add-Exports and Add-Opens?  In order to cover all
use cases (for unnamed modules), we would need two more manifest

# Equivalent to: --add-reads=java.base=ALL-UNNAMED
Add-Reads: java.base, java.sql

# Equivalent to

Based on my experience with JPMS so far, manifest attributes are a much
cleaner way of specifying the JPMS workaround options.  Mainly because on
older JDKs they are silently ignored so I don't have to add conditionally
apply the new Java 9 args in my launch commands.

- Andy

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