Proposal: Allow illegal reflective access by default in JDK 9

Andrew Haley aph at
Thu May 18 15:18:29 UTC 2017

On 18/05/17 15:48, mark.reinhold at wrote:

> - The proposed default mode enables the run-time system to issue a
>   warning message, possibly at some time long after startup, without
>   having been explicitly requested to do so.  This may be a surprise
>   in production environments, since it's extremely unusual for the
>   run-time system to issue any warning messages at all.  If the default
>   mode permits illegal reflective access, however, then it's essential
>   to make that known so that people aren't surprised when this is no
>   longer the default mode in a future release.

Mmm.  There are many scripts which parse the output of java,and many
would break.  Might '--illegal-access=permit,quiet' be worth


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