Combining --add-modules ALL-MODULE-PATH with --module-source-path

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Tue May 23 09:21:17 UTC 2017


Sorry for reviving such an old and pretty dead thread but I still
wonder about this. The gist is: Wouldn't it be nice to somehow (e.g.
with `--add-modules ALL-MODULE-PATH`) convince multi-module
compilation to compile all modules, regardless of whether they are
reachable from the initial module?

 so long ... Nicolai

On 21.01.2017 10:34, Nicolai Parlog wrote:
> Hi!
> I have been experimenting with the the module source path and 
> multi-module compilation and must say that it is really cool. I
> like how it operates on a higher level of abstraction.
> With a small application where the initial module transitively
> requires all others this is very nice:
> javac --module-path mods --module-source-path "./*/src/main/java" 
> -d classes -module initial.module
> As soon as services show up, this does not work as smoothly
> anymore because the initial module does not depend on the service
> providers so they do not get compiled. That was expected.
> But to my surprise, using --add-modules ALL-MODULE-PATH does not
> change that. The following command has exactly the same result as
> above regarding service providing modules that the initial module
> does not transitively depend on:
> javac --module-path mods --module-source-path "./*/src/main/java" 
> --add-modules ALL-MODULE-PATH -d classes -module initial.module
> Assuming I made no mistake, I find this a little odd. Is there a
> reason behind this that I don't see or is it an unimplemented
> feature? If the latter, I think it would be really nice to have it
> implemented in the interest of fidelity across phases. Launching
> the same application would look like this:
> java --module-path mods --add-modules ALL-MODULE-PATH -module
> initial.module
> And isn't that eerily similar. :)
> so long ... Nicolai


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