Will split-packages ever be supported?

Stephen Felts stephen.felts at oracle.com
Tue May 30 17:11:36 UTC 2017

So for this use case if patches are used, there would be one jar on the module path and 44 jars passed to --patch-module?
What are the limitations of modules used in --patch-module?

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On May 30, 2017 4:28:00 PM GMT+02:00, Stephen Felts <stephen.felts at oracle.com> wrote:

Hi Stephen,

>Wouldn't it be possible to add an enhancement to allow for a module to 
>add a package to an existing module?

You can already use --patch-module at compile time and runtime and obviously inject packages before creating the module DAG if you create a ModuleLayer.

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>On 30/05/2017 11:52, wzberger wrote:
>> Our project has around 45 jar libraries and we currently using 
>> split-packages as simplest modularization concept. It's a desktop 
>> project with different kind of controls - all have in common that
>> are located in the same package e.g. 'com.swing'. So users can add 
>> only required libraries to their project. However, in Jigsaw the 
>> split-package concept is not supported - so we have to completely 
>> rework our package structure. This means:
>> - the new package structure will become more complicated because we 
>> have to add new packages
>> - our API isn't backward compatible
>> - our users have to rework their applications
>> - our users have to learn the new API (package structure)
>> So how likely is it that split packages will be supported in the near
>> future?
>It's fundamental to reliable configuration that two or more modules do 
>not export a package with the same name to a module that reads both 
>(continuing from the spec "This includes the case where a module M 
>containing package p reads another module that exports p to M"). It 
>seems very unlikely to me that something as fundamental and core as 
>this will ever be dropped.
>To your example, then if the project can't be restructured to address 
>the split packages issues then it will need to stay on the class path.
>There's nothing wrong with that, it should continue to work as before.

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