Will split-packages ever be supported?

Jochen Theodorou blackdrag at gmx.org
Tue May 30 17:44:27 UTC 2017

On 30.05.2017 16:21, Remi Forax wrote:
> the big monolithic module is a good transition solution,
> i've done that with Aether to get access to Maven Central inside a fully modularized project,
> but it's like with automatic modules, it's just a temporary solution that you can use in your application and not something you can do if you want to publish a library.

I see it more as intermediate solution... and like it is with solutions 
like that, it will be the final solution for a long time. Maybe I would 
go with two flavors for the modules. One is the big monolith, the other 
is after a jar has been freed from the split package problem. In that 
case your project can depend on the small module, which will 
transitively depend on the shrunken monolith. This allows the project a 
transition phase of undetermined length and shows it is still future 
proof. One could even consider using a bytecode rewriting tool and let 
the monolith use the old package names.

Probably because nobody really cared about how easily the Java platform 
can be exploited. Well, I dare to say, that we have been especially bad 
here. Not that any of the exploits I know the specifics about, would not 
be working anymore in JDK9... sorry I digress.

Of course if you are in a situation like we are, then all this will not 
help, because we have split package problems with third party projects. 
Our own fault, really, yes... but the split package problem is not 
something many people have been aware of it seems. Especially since in 
our case it was really only a name space question, not a question about 
access rights at all.

bye Jochen

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