Newbie Jigsaw question: How should I use 'jmod hash'

Andre Tadeu de Carvalho at
Mon Jan 21 12:57:22 UTC 2019


I am exploring the jmod utility and I am stuck with the following: I
already generated the jmod file and I want to add a hash from the dependent
module in it. I asked the same question in StackOverflow:

What I am doing:

jmod create --class-path target/mods/A target/jmods/A.jmod
jmod create --class-path target/mods/B target/jmods/B.jmod

Where B depends on A. Assuming I understood the documentation right, I
could add B hash into A.jmod. I am trying the following:

jmod hash --hash-module B --module-path target/jmods target/jmods/A.jmod

When I run jmod describe, the hash is still not there. What I am doing
wrong? Can I use jmod hash the way I am using it?

Thanks in advance,

André Tadeu de Carvalho

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