JMH 1.33

Aleksey Shipilev shade at
Mon Aug 9 10:32:25 UTC 2021


JMH 1.33 is released and available at Maven Central. This is a maintenance release, and it contains 
the following fixes:

  *) Next step in Compiler Blackholes support: JMH should now be able to auto-detect the JVM 
support. Look at benchmark configuration logs for the option name. This option is still opt-in: you 
can ask for auto-detection, and then JMH would select the blackhole mode that fits the current JVM. 
As the bonus, if you force the compiler blackholes and they are not available, the JMH would refuse 
to run. In the future, we would consider enable the auto-detection by default.
    7903004: JMH: Compiler Blackholes auto-detection

  *) Interrupt mechanics was fixed a bit to avoid failures when benchmarks are not responding to 
interrupts well. Due to the harness bugs, these interrupts potentially break the harness itself 
(observably, failing the benchmark). Plus, it has a slightly better UX.
    7903001: JMH: The interrupt to time-outing benchmark can be delivered to warmdown latches
    7903003: JMH: Print a single interruption message per iteration



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