JMH 1.30

Aleksey Shipilev shade at
Wed May 5 15:03:20 UTC 2021


JMH 1.30 is released and available at Maven Central. This comes with a few compatibility fixes, namely:

  *) When running JMH using -Djmh.separateClasspathJAR=true (e.g. with some gradle plugins), some 
classpath entries were treated as directories. Patch contributed by Patrick Reinhart.
   7902902: JMH: non .jar class path file entries treated as directories

  *) JDK 17 introduced public System.console().charset(), which can finally be used to figure out 
the console encoding without guessing and/or poking into JDK internals. JMH is now able to use that:
   7902915: JMH: Use Console.charset() if available
   7902926: JMH: More reliable Console charset probing



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