JMH 1.36

Aleksey Shipilev shade at
Mon Nov 14 13:27:26 UTC 2022


JMH 1.36 is released and available at Maven Central.

This is a maintenance release and it contains the following changes:

  *) This release drops the support for JDK 7. The minimal supported JDK version is now 8. This also 
allows us to use a few "modern" language features in the JMH codebase, as well as help to move 
things forward a bit.
    7903355: JMH: Drop support for JDK 7

  *) GC profiler improvements: Andriy Plokhotnyuk noticed that allocation and churn rates disagree 
on some benchmarks. This was ruled to be the bug caused by unconditional sleep waiting for 
asynchronous GC notifications to catch up. This sleep threw off churn rate calculation, and also 
stalled the measurement with -prof gc. GC profiler is now handling this better, and it now accepts 
options, and it disables "churn" counters by default.
    7903368: JMH: GC profiler misreports allocation and churn rates
    7903369: JMH: GC profiler options

  *) perfasm profilers improvements: better error messages, better JDK compatibility
    7903215: JMH: xperfasm throws incorrect error when xperf is not available
    7903161: JMH: Remove perfasm "printCompilationInfo" option
    7903142: Update WinPerfAsmProfiler documentation



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