JOL 0.16

Aleksey Shipilev shade at
Fri May 21 12:18:28 UTC 2021


JOL 0.16 is released and available on Maven Central. This release ships with a few compatibility fixes.

  *) API change: Neo4J apparently uses some of the API that was rolled back for performance reasons. 
This patch re-instantiates the visitors that use case wants. (Note: this whole thing is still an 
experimental API, but we are trying to play nice where possible). Initial patch provided by Martin 
   7902930: JOL: Bring back GraphWalker visitors

  *) The hack to get Record internals was reworked to again be possible on JDK 17+. Unfortunately, 
it becomes ever so dangerous, and so it is disabled by default. Users can opt-in when they need 
deeper introspection with "internals" dump. This also solves the split-package problem when using 
JOL as module: we no longer ship anything from java.lang.*
   7902931: JOL: Rework magic field offset accessor


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