JOL 0.17

Aleksey Shipilev shade at
Mon Feb 27 10:19:17 UTC 2023


JOL 0.17 is released and available on Maven Central. This release ships with a bunch of feature 
improvements and maintenance fixes:

  *) Starting from this version, JOL requires at least JDK 8:
    7903352: JOL: Drop support for JDK 7

  *) JDK 17+ compatibility fixes:
    7903364: JOL: Fix support for modern SA

  *) Several size computation bugs related to arrays were discovered and fixed:
    7903075: JOL: Incorrect ClassLayout header/loss calculation for arrays
    7903262: JOL: GraphStatsWalker counts array elements incorrectly

  *) Project Lilliput support: detects the Lilliput VMs, is able to estimate space savings if you 
give JOL CLI a heap dump to process, etc.
    7903119: JOL: Experimental support for Lilliput
    7903410: JOL: Extend "estimate" to heap dumps and Lilliput
    7903412: JOL: Lilliput model should include info on compressed classes/refs
    7903411: JOL: Rework Model64 to include comp ref/class attributes

  *) Cleaner VM configuration messages
    7903366: JOL: Clean up VM configuration messages



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