Pluggability of automatic module name/version

Paul Benedict pbenedict at
Mon Mar 14 17:55:15 UTC 2016

Dear EG members,

One concern I have with finding automatic modules [1] is the algorithm,
which determines the automatic module name and version, is baked into the
JDK. It appears to me this should be pluggable through a service so that it
could be customized. Although we can speculate what will happen with EE 8
and modules [2], pluggability would allow alternate implementations to
perform custom naming/version based on other criteria.

Such criteria, for example....
*) The GAV specified in META-INF/maven/.../pom.xml embedded in many Maven
artifacts [3].
*) JBoss modules metadata from the EAP/WildFly shared modules directory
*) WebSphere's shared libraries might also be applicable to this situation



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