Fwd: Why can modules not be annotated?

Paul Benedict pbenedict at apache.org
Tue Mar 22 15:31:28 UTC 2016


>> *) Allow annotations on the module to express the custom attributes that
>>> you've spec-ed out.

Ah, my apologies for amalgamating ideas. The heart of my proposal was
regarding javax.tools annotations to synthesize module-info.java, but I
accidentally snuck it something different. Hence, what I write below should
clarify this bullet point. Please regard below as part of

Although tools will have the ability to manipulate bytecode to add custom
attributes, I find it particularly limiting there is no way for developers
to do the same in source. Assuming custom attributes are opaque strings,
then I propose something like this:

public @interface ModuleAttribute {
  String name();
  String value();

For example, Remi recently proposed an idea to deprecate modules [1]. I
then opined Remi's proposal could be related to #StandardModuleAttributes
[2], if there was a desire to give modules more information for tools to
consume (such as the deprecated module name's replacement). Absent constant
strings that specify standard module attribute names, I'll just specify my

@ModuleAttribute("replacement", "org.xyz.qux.2")
module org.xyz.qux { }

PS: If you decide to let modules be annotated, and then allow
@ModuleAttributes to exist, is there any point at all in "custom
attributes" in the Module_attribute structure [3]?

[3] http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~mr/jigsaw/spec/lang-vm.html


On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 6:49 PM, <mark.reinhold at oracle.com> wrote:

> 2016/3/9 8:50 -0800, pbenedict at apache.org:
> > I am proposing a standard set of source retention annotations that
> > developers write and tools consume to build the module-info.java
> > automatically.
> I think I understand your proposal for a javax.tools.Export annotation
> for use on packages.  The idea there is that a developer could write
> @Export in a package-info.java file, and a tool could interpret that to
> add an appropriate `exports` directive to a synthesized module-info.java
> file.
> I'm still confused, however, by your earlier statement
> >>> *) Allow annotations on the module to express the custom attributes
> that
> >>> you've spec-ed out.
> Who's the "you" in this sentence?  What annotations do you have in mind
> here?
> > PS: This is a different issue than those who want to annotate statements
> in
> > module-info.java.
> Understood.
> - Mark

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