Why can modules not be annotated?

mark.reinhold at oracle.com mark.reinhold at oracle.com
Mon Oct 5 18:49:23 UTC 2015

2015/9/28 9:44 -0700, peter.kriens at aqute.biz:
> In [lang-vm][1] I found:
> 	‘A module declaration may not be annotated.’
> I was surprised that modules (and their clauses) could not be
> annotated like package-info.java. Since the source syntax is not
> extensible, annotations could have been used to provide meta data for
> other module systems. This would mitigate some of the concerns of
> using a binary file to encode the module data.

We haven't seen a compelling use case (so far) for annotations on module
declarations, or on clauses in module declarations, and they aren't a
documented requirement, so for simplicity we left them out of the initial
design and the prototype.

Supporting annotations on module declarations is technically feasible
but would add significant complexity to both the specification and its
implementations.  The machinery to support annotations is everywhere, in
javac, the VM, core reflection, the language-model API, etc.  Annotations
in module declarations would also lead to a natural desire for import
statements in module declarations, further complicating matters.

Annotations are, fundamentally, a way to make extra-linguistic statements
in source code that are carried through the tool chain and (usually) into
the resulting class file.  Beyond the essential linguistic constructs
already in source-level module declarations (requires, exports, provides,
and uses), all the other examples we've seen of information that could
make sense in the resulting module-descriptor class files don't really
make sense in source code, so annotations aren't the right tool for the
problem.  Version strings, copyright/license notices, project URLs,
maintainer contact information, and target operating systems and
processor architectures, e.g., are more appropriately maintained in build
metadata (e.g., pom.xml), or calculated by the build system on-the-fly,
than expressed in source code, and they can easily be added as custom
attributes to a module-info.class file after it's compiled.

(Whether it's actually a good idea to put all these sorts of information
 in a module descriptor is a different question.)

So yes, we could support annotations on module declarations, and that may
indeed be useful for other module systems.  It would come at significant
cost, however, and we'd have to weigh that cost carefully.

- Mark

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