Proposal: #DefaultModule

David M. Lloyd david.lloyd at
Tue Jul 5 14:41:52 UTC 2016

I propose that the concept of "unnamed module" be dropped in favor of 
"default module".  The main difference is that the class loader (or 
module finder or layer configuration or someone else) would be allowed 
to (but not required to) assign a free-form name and version string to 
this module.  This would allow existing module systems to bring their 
module concept into some form of consonance with Jigsaw without 
compromising any of the restrictions that Jigsaw-style modules have.

Effecting this change would suggest the addition of an "isDefault()" 
method on Module, possibly replacing "isNamed()" (which is arguably 
already somewhat redundant with respect to getName()).  Also at some 
stage, something would have to establish the default module name and 
version strings, probably defaulting to the (current) null strings to 
keep a stable status quo.


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