Proposal: #ClassFileAccModule

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Tue Nov 22 16:48:35 UTC 2016

Issue summary

  #ClassFileAccModule --- The `ACC_MODULE` constant is currently
  specified to have the value 0x8000.  This is the last available bit
  remaining across all of the various `access_flags` fields of a class
  file, and thus should be reserved for some unspecified future purpose
  where it may be useful to use the same value in all such fields.
  Alternative candidates for `ACC_MODULE` include 0x0040 (overlaps with
  `ACC_VOLATILE` and `ACC_BRIDGE`) and 0x0080 (`ACC_TRANSIENT` and
  `ACC_VARARGS`). [1]


Do not change the value of this constant.

The high-order bits of the `access_flags` field have long been used to
characterize the unusual, non-class nature of some class files:

  - `ACC_ANNOTATION` (0x2000) indicates an annotation type, even though
    `ACC_ANNOTATION` does not apply to fields or methods, and

  - `ACC_ENUM` (0x4000) indicates an `enum` type, even though `ACC_ENUM`
    does not apply to methods.

A binary module descriptor is a new kind of unusual class file, hence we
have done the obvious thing and allocated the high-order bit 0x8000 for

We could try to be more clever here, but that would require attempting
to predict the future.  There are still plenty of other ways to encode
potential future features; a value class could, e.g., be indicated by
0x0100.  In the worst case the `access_flags` field could simply be made
wider in some future version of the class-file specification.


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