Proposal: #MultiModuleExecutableJARs, #MultiModuleJARs, & #ReifiedModuleGraphs

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Mon Mar 6 17:18:25 UTC 2017

Issue summaries

  #MultiModuleExecutableJARs -- Provide a means to create an executable
  modular "uber-JAR" that contains more than one module, preserving
  module identities and boundaries, so that an entire application can
  be shipped as a single artifact.  [1]

  #MultiModuleJARs -- Provide a means to package more than one module in
  a single artifact, while preserving module identities and boundaries.
  (This is a generalization of #MultiModuleExecutableJARs.)  [2]

  #ReifiedModuleGraphs -- Define a means to record, in some type of
  artifact, the module graph that results from resolving a given main
  module against a given application module path.  The artifact could
  contain full copies of the corresponding module artifacts, or
  references to such artifacts, or some combination of the two.  At
  run time such an artifact could be used to create a new layer.  [3]


The features suggested by these issues could indeed be useful, but they
are not required for the initial release and could be added in a later


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