How to test an Enhancement and Where

Andreas Schaefer andreas.schaefer at
Sat May 12 21:18:19 PDT 2007

Hi Geeks

I am new using jtreg to test changes in the JDK and so I would like to
ask two questions.

1) Name of the Test:

I do an enhancements based on bug 4175918 and 6313849 (both are the
same) which asks for a URLConnection.disconnect() method. The
URLConnection will only contain an abstract disconnect class but all the
sub classes need to implement it. So I am wondering if the test should
be named after the bug number or if it should be named after the method
'disconnect' because it is an enhancement.

2) Place of the Test:

Originally I though the test should go into java/net/URLConnection but
then I thought that the real tests must be done where it is implemented
meaning inside sun/net/www/protocol/AAA/AAAURLConnection. What is the
best place?

Thank you - Andy

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