More careful identification of @ignore

Martin Buchholz martinrb at
Thu Oct 2 11:14:17 PDT 2008

Hi jtreg maintainers,

This is a bug report.

If I try to test  jdk/test/sun/net/idn/,
with @ignore'd tests suppressed, I get:

 jdk/test/sun/net/idn  $ ~/jct-tools/3.2.2_03/linux/bin/jtreg
-v:nopass,fail -automatic "-k:\!ignore"
Test results: no tests selected

This is due to the occurrence of the string "ignore" in

 * @compile -XDignore.symbol.file

as any mangling of that string in the sources and retesting demonstrates.

Probably the original coder was lazy and simply searched for the
"ignore" substring,
whereas a more disciplined search for @ignore or maybe @key WORD ...
is necessary.


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