Reporting into hudson

David Herron David.Herron at Sun.COM
Thu Sep 25 16:07:55 PDT 2008

sheesh, I clicked SEND a moment too soon..

It occurred to me the real request may not be javatest-compatible XML 
reports as that might not work out right, and it might be necessary to 
instead teach hudson how to understand jtreg results.

- David

David Herron wrote:
> Oh, I see.
> So, pretty please, with sugar on top, I'd love it if jtreg were to 
> produce javatest-compatible XML report files we can display in hudson? 
> ;-)
> - David
> Jonathan Gibbons wrote:
>> Not until someone asks.
>> -- Jon
>> David Herron wrote:
>>> Hi, I'm fiddling with running openjdk builds & jtreg under hudson 
>>> ... (see ..)
>>> What I'm looking at right now is how to get jtreg test results to 
>>> display in hudson.
>>> My question is.. since jtreg is a wrapper around javatest, shouldn't 
>>> there be a way to use the hudson plugin for javatest results to make 
>>> a pretty graph on the hudson dashboard?
>>> I have the javatest plugin installed & enabled, and in the 
>>> configuration it wants the work directory (easy) plus the fileset 
>>> for the XML files.  Uh... There isn't a jtreg option to produce a 
>>> report in XML files.  Is there?
>>> - David Herron

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