PATH not propagated to the test's JVM

Mandy Chung mandy.chung at
Fri Mar 4 15:34:12 PST 2011

  According to,
by design, PATH is not propagated into the test's JVM; instead,

     * Linux and Solaris:
           o PATH is set to /bin:/usr/bin
     * Windows:
           o PATH is set to the MKS or Cygwin toolkit binary directory

What is the rationale behind of restricting the shell tests to use 
commands from /bin:/usr/bin?  We have tests that depend on gawk which is 
not installed in /bin:/usr/bin on Solaris 10 by default (instead 
/opt/sfw/bin) unless I add a symlink or copy them.  These tests fail if 
I use jtreg to run them.


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