JTRegs for OpenJDK

Weijun Wang weijun.wang at oracle.com
Thu Jun 21 01:56:22 PDT 2012

Hi Mani

Welcome to the OpenJDK!

On 06/21/2012 02:31 PM, Mani Sarkar wrote:
> Hi
> I have been configuring and testing the JTRegs with OpenJDK on Ubuntu
> 12.04 and attached are couple of log files with errors.
> Can someone help me out understand where the config for the JTRegs is
> going wrong, or is it a different problem altogether.
> One of them mentions win32 in the log, while I'm using linux. I have
> attached .sh file that updates the environment along with this message.

test1.log has


so it's using the build inside jdk8_tl/jdk. I guess you directly call 
make in jdk8_tl and your build is also there. I read the Makefile a 
little and seems you can try again your test with

    make ALT_OUTPUTDIR=/home/openjdk/sources/jdk8_tl/build/linux-amd64 

Please do not set the ALT_OUTPUTDIR variable permanent as it might 
interfere with your build.

*Kelly*: Is it true that launching a test from the top directory cannot 
use the control build?

As for test2.log, it shows JT_HOME=/home/openjdk/jtreg/linux/bin. It 
should be only /home/openjdk/jtreg.

It's OK to see a win32, those scripts are essentially the same across 

Good luck!


> Regards,
> Mani

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