[7u] ProblemList.txt for hotspot/test

Francis ANDRE francis.andre.kampbell at orange.fr
Sat Dec 7 09:12:52 PST 2013


There is a ProblemList.txt file inside jdk/test while there is not in 
hotspot/test. Is this list missing?

I am running the following jtreg and some tests fail because they are requiring 
-Xcomp while I am testing the cppInterpretor.

$JT_HOME/win32/bin/jtreg -dir:Z:/jdk/hsx/jdk7u/hotspot/test -Xint -server 
-verbose:summary -conc:2 -a -ignore:quiet -timeoutFactor:5 -agentvm 
-testjdk:Z:/JDK/hsx/jdk7u/hotspot/build/windows/jdk-windows-i586 compiler gc 
runtime sanity serviceability

How can I add a test to exclude if the JVM option for the test is -Xcomp in a 
exclude list like ProblemList.txt while it is the -Xint that is under test?


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