Can't Compile jtreg

Jonathan Gibbons jonathan.gibbons at
Tue Jul 30 09:58:46 PDT 2013

On 07/30/2013 09:19 AM, Nick Williams wrote:
> First, please let me say that the build readme at 
> (and in HG) is sorely 
> lacking. Here's what I've learned on my own so far, from analyzing 
> error messages and reading Defs.gmk:
> - JAVAHELP_HOME, which usually points to the JavaHelp home directory 
> (we'll call this $JavaHelp) and contains demos, doc, src, license, 
> etc., actually must point to $JavaHelp/javahelp (which contains bin 
> and lib). This is not clear on the readme.
> - JUnit is NOT optional. jtreg won't "make" without it. 
> Furthermore, JUNIT_JAR must point to junit.jar (which the readme does 
> not say).
> - TestNG is NOT optional. jtreg won't "make" without it. 
> Furthermore, TESTNG_HOME must point to a directory containing 
> LICENSE.txt (which does not exist for TestNG, so I had to invent one) 
> and TESTNG_JAR must point to testng.jar. The readme doesn't indicate 
> any of this.
> - Ant is NOT optional. Unlike usual systems where ANT_HOME indicates 
> where Ant lives, jtreg requires ANTHOME (which the readme does not say).
> After this is where I hit the roadblock I cannot overcome:
> There's some thing called "jcov" that is NOT optional. Worse, jcov, 
> what it is, and where you can find/download it isn't indicated 
> anywhere on the readme. I spent the last hour scouring Google for 
> jcov. I've found plenty of references to jcov.jar in JDK source 
> repositories and mirrors (and apparently it's supposed to contain 
> classes in the package), but as far as I can tell 
> jcov doesn't exist. I can't find it anywhere, and jtreg won't "make" 
> without it. If JCOV_HOME doesn't exist, "make" looks 
> in /java/re/jcov/2.0/promoted/latest/binaries/jcov_2.0/, but that 
> certainly doesn't exist, and there's nothing anything like that 
> underneath the home directories for my JDKs or JREs.
> Can someone help me sort this out and point me to where I can download 
> jcov?
> And can someone update the readmes?
> Thanks,
> Nick


I am sorry for your frustration.

jcov is a Java Code Coverage tool.  As of now, it is not open source, so 
I will have to update the README and Makefile to ensure that you can 
build without it.

-- Jon

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