building jtreg - problem with xalan

Omair Majid omajid at
Thu Oct 3 08:35:40 PDT 2013

Hi Pete,

On 10/03/2013 12:42 AM, Pete Brunet wrote:
> Hi, I need to run an existing regression test to investigate a problem
> so need to set up jtreg.  I'm using cygwin on Win 7.  Following is info
> on my current roadblock.  Does anyone have an idea of what is wrong?  -Pete

My setup is a little different, but hopefully this will help.

> CLASSPATH=/cygdrive/c/Users/Pete/JDK8/xalan-j_2_7_1/xalan.jar:/cygdrive/c/Users/Pete/JDK8/xalan-j_2_7_1/serializer.jar:/cygdrive/c/Users/Pete/JDK8/xalan-j_2_7_1/xml-apis.jar:/cygdrive/c/Users/Pete/JDK8/xalan-j_2_7_1/xercesImpl.jar
> /cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/Java/jdk1.7.0_25/bin/java

So this CLASSPATH is where the build is searching for xalan. Is your
xalan jar located at /cygdrive/c/Users/Pete/JDK8/xalan-j_2_7_1/xalan.jar
? If not, you may have to set XALANHOME to point to where the xalan.jar
is located, or edit the make/jtreg.gmk file and fix the line that says:

I just had to modify it to point to my xalan (2) jar and xalan (2)
serializer jar.

> XALANHOME='/cygdrive/c/Users/Pete/JDK8/xalan-j_2_7_1'

xalan-j-2.* is xalan 2. The jar might be named xalan-j2.jar or
something. You may want to specify a XALAN_PATH directly or edit the

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