How to configure TestNG?

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Wed Aug 27 07:27:22 UTC 2014

Thanks for your answer Mike.
The point is not the verbose flag in itself, that was just an example.

The use case for passing arguments to TestNG is to being able to fully utilise what TestNG offers:
    1) specify my own implementation of ITestListener, for logging test life cycle (started, passed, failed)
    2) specify my own IReporter, for getting the console output of each test, with timestamps.
    3) specify at very detailed level what tests I want to run, and how.

Yes, I think we should improve further the JTreg/TestNG integration.

Alex Schenkman
Java VM SQE Stockholm

On 26-Aug-2014, at 18:53, Mike Duigou <mike.duigou at> wrote:

> There is no such mechanism. JTReg acts as the TestNG driver so the normal command line args used with the TestNG driver do not apply. It might be possible to enhance the TestNG integration by using the JTreg verbose flags to control TestNG verbosity.
> Mike
> On Aug 26 2014, at 04:38 , Alex Schenkman <alex.schenkman at> wrote:
>> Hi again list,
>> Is there a way to tell TestNG how I want to run my tests?
>> Thanks in advance!
>> PS: I posted the same question a week ago, but I got no answer. See below.
>> On 2014-08-20 15:21, Alex Schenkman wrote:
>>> Hi list,
>>> How can I specify TestNG arguments from JTREG.
>>> For example, I would like to pass "-verbose 4" to TestNG.
>>> I have not found this information on the docs.
>>> Thanks in advance!
>>>  -- 
>>> Alex Schenkman
>>> Java VM SQE Stockholm
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>> Alex Schenkman
>> Java VM SQE Stockholm

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