IntelliJ plugin for running jtreg tests

Maurizio Cimadamore maurizio.cimadamore at
Thu Oct 27 18:28:23 UTC 2016

As you might have noted, Jon has recently pushed [1] the initial version 
of the IntelliJ jtreg plugin that Chris and I have been working hard to 
put together. This plugin allows you to run jtreg tests without leaving 
the IDE. As tests are executed, a green/red progress bar is displayed 
(similar to standard junit test support). Test output (jtr files) can 
also be recovered within the IDE. There are a number of options that can 
be configured when running tests - some global, some test-specific - 
this should allow you to fine tune jtreg execution to reproduce the 
combination of settings that you use today.

In addition to test execution, this plugin also allows you to debug 
tests, which is a feature I find very handy for complex tests.

Finally, this plugin interacts with the way in which IntelliJ discovers 
sources in your project - so with the plugin enabled, IntelliJ can 
'understand' the sourcepath of a test, which will eliminate all the red 
squiggly lines from your tests.

For a more detailed documentation of the plugin functionalities, as well 
as to how to build and install the plugin, please refer to this document 

Happy testing

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[2] -

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