How do I pass javatest.maxOutputSize to jtreg tests?

Thomas Stüfe thomas.stuefe at
Tue Mar 13 11:35:04 UTC 2018


I attempt to analyse a jtreg test which unfortunately does not work as a
stand alone test class. I activate logging with


and I see my logging, but it it truncated:

418 [0.743s][trace][gc,metaspace,freelist] Free chunk total 0  count 0
419 [0.743s][trace][gc,metaspace,freelist
421 ...
422 Output overflow:
423 JT Harness has limited the test output to the text to that
424 at the beginning and the end, so that you can see how the
425 test began, and how it completed.
427 If you need to see more of the output from the test,
428 set the system property javatest.maxOutputSize to a higher
429 value. The current value is 100000
430 ...
432 00007c2aea400 top 0x00000007c2aea430 end 0x00000007c2aeac00 size 256
433 [203.798s][trace][gc,metaspace,freelist] Free chunk total 16247552
count 41237

So, I attempt to set -Djavatest.maxOutputSize to a higher value but
whatever form I do it in it does not change the output. Variants I tested

jtreg ...   -javaoptions:-Xlog:gc+metaspace+freelist=trace
-javaoptions:-Djavatest.maxOutputSize=2000000 ...

jtreg ...   "-javaoptions:-Xlog:gc+metaspace+freelist=trace
-Djavatest.maxOutputSize=2000000" ...

jtreg ...   -javaoptions:-Xlog:gc+metaspace+freelist=trace
-Djavatest.maxOutputSize=2000000 ...

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks! Thomas
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