Understanding -nativepath and how it is applied

David Holmes david.holmes at oracle.com
Tue Feb 18 07:21:11 UTC 2020

I have a test that uses native code.

I specify "@run main/othervm/native" for the main test class

I invoke jtreg with -nativepath

My test exec's a second VM that needs to load the native library. This 
is done using ProcessTools.executeTestJvm.

When I run the test locally it works fine and if I print out 
java.library.path it shows that the "nativepath" value has been set in 
that property.

But when I run the test via our testing system it fails because the 
native library cannot be found! The jtr file shows -Dtest.nativepath 
being set as expected, but the exec'd VM doesn't have its value in 

I can obviously fix this by explicitly adding -Djava.library.path=... as 
an explicit arg to the exec'd VM, but I want to understand how this 
works in the local case but not otherwise.

I'm also wondering whether this is something that should be 
automatically handled at the ProcessTools level?


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