Use external classes in @run driver

Jonathan Gibbons jonathan.gibbons at
Mon Jun 15 18:05:55 UTC 2020


Yes, this is the primary use case for external.lib.roots.

You may need to adjust the order of items in external.lib.roots, 
especially as you seem to have an anti-pattern going on, of one library 
inside another, as indicated by

external.lib.roots=../../jdk ../../jdk/test/lib

Poking around the 8u/8u forest, the reference to ../../jdk seems 
questionable as that seems to indicate the the top of the jdk repo. That 
being said ...

Poking around a bit more, I see there is 
8U-FOREST/jdk/test/lib/jdk/test/lib, and that is in 
`package jdk.test.lib` which means that the package root for the class 
is 8U-FOREST/jdk/test/lib

This means that you need an entry in external.lib.roots and a @library 
that together form the path ../../jdk/test/lib

Can you find any other tests in the hotspot test repo that are using 
external.lib.roots?  I'm guessing maybe not, since I don't see an entry 
in the hotspot/test TEST.ROOT file.

Separately, I will investigate why jtreg is reporting an invalid value 
for the number of seconds it took.

-- Jon

On 6/15/20 10:14 AM, Liu, Xin wrote:
> Hi, Jonathan,
> Thank you to look into it.
> I am using " jtreg, version 5.1 dev 821".  It's not 5.2.  my bad.
> I am working on jdk8u/hotspot + vmTestbase.  You probably know that test directories are separated in jdk8u.
> I'd like to reuse in ../../jdk/test/lib/jdk/test/lib.  Otherwise, I need a clone of tes/lib/* in hotspot/test.
> Do you think it's a reasonable use-case?  if so, is it possible to access external classes in annotation @run?
> The output was written by jtreg.  Something weird happened. I think I need to put FileInstaller in its classpath first.
> thanks,
> --lx
> On 6/15/20, 7:44 AM, "jtreg-use on behalf of Jonathan Gibbons" <jtreg-use-bounces at on behalf of jonathan.gibbons at> wrote:
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>      Hi,
>      There's at least a couple of things going on here.
>      1. external.lib.roots is only used for library code that is outside the
>      current test suite (i.e. outside the directory containing TEST.ROOT)
>           It provides root directories in which to resolve @library
>      directories that begin with '/'.
>           In other words, if you have
>               @library /my/lib
>           and you have
>               external.lib.roots=../A ../B
>           Then jtreg will look for library files in TESTROOTDIR/my/lib,
>           where TESTROOTDIR is the root directory of the test suite.
>      2. There's something weird the output you posted:
>      TIME: .lib.FileInstaller seconds
>           If that's what jtreg wrote, that is an unexpected error in jtreg
>      3. Minor: the current released version of jtreg is 5.1, as indicated by
>      the Mercurial tag jtreg5.1-b01
>           The default version of 5.2 in the tip changeset will be the version
>      of the next update.
>      -- Jon
>      On 6/14/20 1:18 AM, Liu, Xin wrote:
>      > Hi,
>      >
>      > I'd like to use some external classes in @run driver.  Those classes are “external” in the sense of directory.  They locate out of my current test directory.
>      > Eg. “@run driver jdk.test.lib.FileInstaller . .”  and the class FileInstaller is here.
>      > $find ../../ -name
>      > ../../jdk/test/lib/jdk/test/lib/
>      >
>      > I am now using the latest jreg(5.2). Doc says that jtreg acts like adding an “@build classname” before @run driver.
>      > About how to discover the classes, quote the corresponding description in Action Types/build (,
>      > "
>      > To locate a source file for a named class, the harness takes the first matching file found by looking in the test-source directory and then in each appropriate directory of the library path list.
>      > "
>      > quote end. I don't understand the definition of library path list here.  Is it the same thing as @library? I try to tell jtreg that use these two external roots in TEST.ROOT.
>      > # depends on jdk/test
>      > external.lib.roots=../../jdk ../../jdk/test/lib
>      >
>      > and also, I see that the test does have the annotation @library.
>      > * @library /vmTestbase
>      > *          /test/lib
>      > * @run driver jdk.test.lib.FileInstaller . .
>      >
>      > But it doesn’t work. I still get the error message as follows.
>      > ACTION: build -- Not run. Test running...
>      > REASON: Named class compiled on demand
>      > TIME:   .lib.FileInstaller seconds
>      > messages:
>      > command: build jdk.test.lib.FileInstaller
>      > reason: Named class compiled on demand
>      >
>      > TEST RESULT: Error. can't find jdk.test.lib.FileInstaller in test directory or libraries
>      >
>      > Could you educate me the right usage?
>      > Thank you in advance.
>      > --lx
>      >
>      >

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