How do I execute individual subtests?

Thomas Stüfe thomas.stuefe at
Wed Oct 20 07:11:43 UTC 2021


I am not able to start individual jtreg subtests using the way specified in
the JTReg FAQ (

3.1 How do I specify which tests to run?

The most basic way to specify which tests to run is to give one or more
paths directly on the command line, for directories and files containing
tests. If a file contains multiple tests, you can specify the name of a
test within that file by appending #idN to the file path, where N is the
number of the test within the file, where 0 identifies the first test.

But that does not seem to work:

jtreg  ..

jtreg  ..

all yield a "Error: Not a test or directory containing tests" error.

Tried specifying the subtest name (e.g. "#debug-none"), that does not work

Leaving the '#..' suffix out and just running all tests works, so the file
is there and formatted correctly.

I am using jtreg 6.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, Thomas
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