Include timestamp for System.out/err messages in jtreg report?

Jaikiran Pai jai.forums2013 at
Thu Aug 18 10:27:51 UTC 2022

Often when analyzing test failures (especially on CI systems) through 
the use to the test log files, I have found that it would be useful to 
have the timestamp associated with the System.out and System.err 
messages that get reported for the test. What I mean is, if a test logs 
a message either through the System.out or System.err, right now the 
test report contains just that message. I think having a timestamp 
beside each message will help find hints while investigating hard to 
debug issues. I haven't looked into jtreg code in detail yet, but I am 
guessing it already replaces the System.out/System.err of the JVM where 
the test is running? If so, would it be possible to include a timestamp 
(in the timezone that the JVM is running under) against each message in 
the reported System.out/System.err output? Something like:



[Thu Aug 11 19:37:00.232 IST 2022] Testing module descriptor of boot 
module module jdk.unsupported
[Thu Aug 11 19:37:00.233 IST 2022] Testing module descriptor of boot 
module module jdk.localedata



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