Question regarding -nativepath

David Holmes david.holmes at
Mon Jul 11 06:36:07 UTC 2022

Hi Thomas,

On 11/07/2022 4:08 pm, Thomas Stüfe wrote:
> Hi,
> I wanted to look up the exact syntax of the -nativepath option, but did 
> not find any mention of it on 
> <>.
> The option still works though. Is this an oversight with the 
> documentation, or is this option not officially supported or deprecated?

I think that doc is just out-of-date. That said:

jtreg -help options

only says:

                     Path to location of native libraries and programs 
needed by the tests.

What exactly were you hoping to find out? I'm going to guess it is 
whether path is a single path or can be a set of paths?


> Thanks, Thomas

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