First draft of translation document - contravariance

Rémi Forax forax at
Tue May 18 02:10:18 PDT 2010

Le 18/05/2010 11:01, Howard Lovatt a écrit :
> I am guessing that the following will fail with the suggested
> MethodHandle translation (it is hard to say from the JSR292
> literature):
> #String(Object) so = #String(final Object o) (o.toString());
> #Object(String) os = so;
> Assuming it does fail, this failure may not be important since the use
> case is rare. Therefore this is post is a request for clarification
> rather than a criticism.
>    -- Howard.

#String(Object) and #Object(String) will be erased to java.dyn.MethodHandle
so it doesn't fail.

BTW, jdk7 beta binaries already contain a preview of JSR 292 API,
this is not the final API and there are some known bugs
but you can already play with it.


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