Updated SotL/L documents for Iteration 2

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at oracle.com
Mon Sep 10 10:51:51 PDT 2012

We're now almost finished prototyping Iteration 2 of the Lambda 
Libraries APIs; they are still in an experimental branch in the openjdk 
lambda repo (it2-bootstrap), but will be moved into the default branch 
(still of the lambda repo) in the next few days.

The attached documents describe the approach taken in Iteration 2, and 
the changes since Iteration 1.  There are still plenty of open issues to 
discuss, and I'll be discussing them on the EG list.

Several significant API changes between Iterations 1 and 2:
   - In Iteration 1, stream operations were injected directly into 
Iterable; now Stream is its own entity, which is much more like an 
Iterator rather than an Iterable.
   - There are now stream "accessor" methods on Collection and friends; 
instead of sayng collection.filter(...)..., you now have to say 
collection.stream().filter(...) or collection.parallel().filter(...).
   - The multiplicity of interfaces (Stream, StreamOps, Streamable, 
ParallelStream, ParallelStreamable, etc) has been collapsed 
dramatically, down to one Stream interface for each shape (list-shaped, 
map-shaped).  The serial/parallel-ness of a stream is now a dynamic 
rather than static property.
   - Most terminal operations are performed by forEach'ing elements into 
a "sink" rather than pulling elements from an Iterator.
   - There is an extensible API for adding new stream operations besides 
the built-in ones, although this API will likely not be exposed in JDK 8 
(needs more bake time.)

As usual, the implementation and API are in varying states of 
"done"-ness; the general shape and set of operations is fairly baked, 
but many of the implementation details and internal APIs (such as 
StreamAccessor, ParallelOp, ParallelHelper) are mostly stabs in the 
dark, and there are bits we know we have to fix that have just not yet 
been fixed as we've been focusing on the high-order bits.

Start with Stream, MapStream and Streamable -- that's most of the 
exposed API right there (and the most baked part.)

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