Announcement -- mailing lists for JSR-335 and Project Lambda

Ben Evans benjamin.john.evans at
Mon Sep 10 14:18:14 PDT 2012

I missed the initial announcement of this.

Thanks Brian, for making this happen. I know that there are a certain
section of the community who will be greatly relieved by this.


On Wed, Sep 5, 2012 at 11:31 PM, Brian Goetz <brian.goetz at> wrote:
> After long delays involving far too many meetings with lawyers, I am
> pleased to announce that we are ready to make the JSR-335 EG lists
> publicly readable.  This is a key milestone in the transition to the JCP
> 2.8 process which offers greater transparency into the evolution of the
> Java platform.
> ---------
> We are creating two new sets of lists, one for language specification
> work and one for libraries specification work.
> The lists are:
> lambda-spec-experts -- this is the EG list.  The archives are public,
> and only the EG members can subscribe and post.
> lambda-spec-observers -- traffic sent to the EG list will be copied
> here, and anyone can subscribe.  EG members may or may not participate
> on this list, at their choosing.
> lambda-spec-comments -- this is the primary means by which the public
> can talk to the EG; comments sent to this list will be considered for EG
> discussion.  (This list is *not* a place for discussions; it is more
> like a "suggestion box", and takes the place of direct mail to the spec
> lead, which used to be the recommended way to comment on the spec.)
> There will be a similar set of lists for
> lambda-libs-spec-{experts,observers,comments}.  There is also a private
> list for the EG, which should be used primarily for confidential
> logistics discussions (e.g., logistics for conference calls, exchanging
> personal contact info, etc.)
> EG traffic on these lists will cut over from the existing list
> to the new lists on Monday, Sep 10.
> ---------------------------
> Now that we are migrating to this new scheme, the role of lambda-dev
> will revert to its intended purpose, which is to discuss the
> *implementation* of lambda in OpenJDK.  (For some transition period, we
> may also continue to use lambda-dev for announcements related to the
> project, since this is where a lot of the audience will be for a while.)
> Examples of appropriate discussion topics for lambda-dev include:
> - Bug reports
> - Code review comments
> - Test cases
> - Build or porting problems
> - Migration experiences for your own code
> ---------
> This is a significant step towards greater transparency in the evolution
> of the platform.  With that transparency comes greater responsibility on
> the part of the community.
> The key thing to remember here is: we still have an Expert Group, and we
> need to let them do their job.  This means exercising restraint when it
> comes to commenting on active EG discussions (and especially in
> contacting EG members directly.)
> Remember that EG discussions happen on a different pace than you might
> be used to from other open-source projects.  Days can go by without a
> response, but this doesn't mean that the EG is not thinking about it,
> doesn't care, or is "stumped".  Often it simply means the EG members are
> working privately (or with their teams) to figure out what their
> position is, and will respond when they've thought about it more.  So,
> please let the discussion play out.
> The key tool for the community to feed back into the EG is the comments
> lists.  If you are truly convinced that the EG missed something (or will
> miss something), submit it there.

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