Devoxx - filter, partition and offset

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Wed Apr 3 08:07:48 PDT 2013

>> Perhaps keep() and reject()? I'm sure there are other names, but
>> filter alone feels very unclear. (I can't remember which it is now).
> Of the things in my email, its this single filter() method that most
> bothers me (and wasn't commented on).

A few people (but not many) have raised this issue before.  And, it's 
been discussed by the EG.  The consensus was that this is maybe 
something that maybe confuses some people for about the first 15 
seconds, and thereafter they never think about it again.

For example, we discussed replacing it with names like "where" (which is 
what LinQ uses).  In the end, the EG felt that it was good as it was.

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