JSR 335 Lambda Specification, 0.6.0

Dan Smith daniel.smith at oracle.com
Wed Dec 12 16:21:52 PST 2012

For easier access, I've uploaded the spec here:


(Added some legal stuff in order to make it publishable for public access.)

You can browse at the root (~dlsmith) to get a zip, diff, or single-page version.


On Dec 11, 2012, at 1:36 PM, Dan Smith <daniel.smith at oracle.com> wrote:

> Ah, thanks.  It seems that the mailing list stripped the zip file attachment from my message.  It contained separate files for each section.  If anybody wants the zipped directory, please contact me directly.
> There was also a bug in my script, so it failed to concatenate the last two sections when creating the one-page version.  Here is the one-page version, fixed.
> (Note that part J is incomplete, as described in the "Unfinished Items" list.)
> —Dan
> <jsr335-0.6.0.html>
> On Dec 11, 2012, at 1:19 PM, Daniel Heidinga <Daniel_Heidinga at ca.ibm.com> wrote:
>> These sections appear to be missing from the document:
>> * Part H: Default Methods: Describes the syntax and inheritance behavior of default methods, which are members of interfaces.
>> * Part J: Java Virtual Machine: Enhances the JVM specification to support code-carrying methods in interfaces.
>> Can you send out a version with these sections?

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