Serialization opt-in syntax (again)

Andrey Breslav andrey.breslav at
Mon Oct 8 01:56:01 PDT 2012

> So, let's go back to where I set the bar earlier this week: aside from "I like XYZ better", are there any reasons why the intersection type cast should be unacceptable?
I see only two problems there:

* Allowing this kind of cast only on lambdas, which is ugly, but I'm OK with it.

* Verbosity: it's hard for me to asses how bad it is as I don't have enough contact with code relying on serialization of behavior. But judging by what concerns Kevin, looks like it may be problematic. I imagine that remembering the name of the target type would be bad enough, and if it has generic parameters, it is even worse.

Note: The IDE (if one uses it, which is frequently not the case in Google, AFAIK) can help you both write the cast and hide it...

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