[jsr-335-eg] Default method survey results

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at oracle.com
Sun Oct 21 07:03:26 PDT 2012

>> And one obvious one we forgot (which was the one we started with!):
>>   extension void foo() { … }
> It think this one is very misleading. Those who knew the term before, would think this is not what it actually is.
> Those who didn't know the term before will be OK until they come across the same word in the different context.
> Let's avoid this confusion.

I get your point, but just because C# happened to come up with something 
they decided to call extension methods a few years ago, doesn't mean 
that extension methods must be inherently use-site or static or 
otherwise like C#'s interpretation.  The core concept of after-the-fact 
extension is what counts; the mechanism (monkey-patching vs accretion) 
and the specific characteristics (static vs virtual) differ, but these 
are details -- if C# had virtual extension methods, they still would 
probably call them extension methods.

> It is almost as bad as saying that Java 8 has traits.

Fortress had stateless traits; these were just as much real traits as 
Scala's stateful traits.  People who know one language don't notice; 
people who know more are used to the same concept (e.g., class) meaning 
slightly different things in different languages.

Other opinions?  For all its faults, is "default" better than "extension"?

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